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Online Maths Tutoring

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"I found his explanation of concepts extremely helpful as he was able to use examples that I could understand rather than generic ones given by teachers. On top of being a great teacher due to him recently going through the school system, he is able to relate to the stresses of exams and give fantastic advice on how to prepare and get the best grades."

About Me

My name is Davis Hedgecoe, I am currently studying mathematics at university. This means I have recently been through all the examinations and revision stress that your child is experiencing at the moment. I have been tutoring maths for the last 3 years, with the aim of providing a bespoke service for each student - everyone is different and learns in different ways. This is a fact which is often overlooked in classrooms due to the large (and growing) student-teacher-ratio. Understandably, teachers have to provide a generalised lesson plan to fit as many students as possible, this unfortunately means that many of them have their learning needs ignored. First-Hand Tutors is here to change that.

Davis Hedgecoe

"approachability and willingness to listen"

"One of the remarkable qualities that sets Davis apart is his approachability and willingness to listen. He creates a warm and comfortable environment, making our daughter feel at ease when asking questions or seeking clarification.

I wholeheartedly recommend Davis as a tutor. His reliability, approachability, in-depth knowledge, and effective teaching methods have made a significant impact on our daughter's education and overall academic performance. He has not only helped our daughter to grasp complex concepts but has also fostered a love for learning. I am immensely grateful for his continued dedication and support."

How It Works

How It Works

Tutoring Options

Levels of Teaching:

Online One-on-One:

Flexible and professional tutoring to directly suit your child's needs. 

Rate: £35/hr




Online School Holiday Intensive Course:

Contact me to discuss personal requirements ranging from 5-20 hours a week.

Rate: depends on the number of hours.


What subjects do you tutor?

Currently I only tutor maths at a variety of levels, I am looking to potentially increase my range of subjects in the future.

What happens if I need to rearrange a session?

Rearranging sessions prior to the day is no problem at all! Just send me a message and you can rearrange for no extra cost. However, cancelling a session on the day it was arranged for will result in you still being charged.

How do I book sessions?

I use WhatsApp to communicate with parents as this allows for easy and intuitive communication.

What do I need to bring to lessons?

All you need to have is a pen, paper, a scientific calculator and some kind of screen to join the call with. This can be a phone, computer, or tablet!

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